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BEST OFFERS - group exhibition - at the Galerie Brunnhofer in Linz Austria.
Opnening on April 20th. For more information, visit: Galerie Brunnhofer
(attention: visits have to be arranged previously due to the Covid-19 crises)


WIKAM - International Art FairMarch 8th - March 15th 2020with Galerie Trapp

Artists-Mix in der Galerie

4. – 8. März täglich von 10 – 12 und 14 – 19 Uhr geöffnet.

Bücher - Collagen – Editionen – Kataloge - Malerei – Objekte –Skulpturen -  Zeichnungen – Videos ….

Maria Anwander & Ruben Aubrecht - Gottfried Bechtold - Katja Berger – Götz Bury - Manfred Egender – Christian Eisenberger - Rainer Ganahl - Edith Hofer - Ulli Knall - Marina Koldobskaya - Michaela Konrad -Claudia Larcher - Albert Mayr - Carmen Pfanner - Elisabeth von Samsonow - Ruth Schnell - Erich Smodics - Gerold Tagwerker - Alexandra Wacker 


PARALLEL VIENNA 2018   September 25th - 30th

Galerie Lisi Hämmerle, Bregenz, will present a GALLERY STATEMENT with Michaela Konrad who takes the viewer back to the golden 1950s. In her exhibition titles "CAN THIS BE TOMORROW" she shows a series of hand-printed fictional comic book covers in the style of American Golden Age comic books. Inspired by fantasists like Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, or Phillip K. Dick, she creates a past vision of current events.

More info about Parallel

Galerie Lisi Hämmerle


In this short comic "Zeitreise" (time travel) which was published in the Austrian magazin "Literatur und Kritik" last month I tried to make a comparison between old NAZI propaganda slogans and the propaganda of Austria`s right wing populist party - every Austrian knows the slogans of the FPÖ for many, many years - because they have been printed on gigantic advertising posters. I was always wondering how it could be allowed to use such a xenophobic langue in public spaces in Austria - and asked myself why nobody really reacted  - I guess we got used to it ...
For this small project I took some of the "harder" stuff of Austrian right wing poster texts and seached for counterparts of the 1930ies and 1940ies - and I put the new stuff into the old aesthetics in order to be able to compare the slogans without the distraction of modern day design ....


Upcoming event

I am proud to be part of the wonderful group exhibition PRINT IT!, which will
open this evening, at 8pm in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
All of the artists in the show share a profound dedication to graphic art techniques...

Picasso Comic Animation ON THE BEACH

Here is the full video of the Picasso animation.
Picasso was a big comic fan and created a number 
of comic-like figures. 
He regretted never having made one himself.....


SANTA CRUZ group show

Here are some photos of the group show "SANTA CRUZ SOBRE PAPEL"
in March 2017 in the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Santa Cruz in Tenerife.

photos by Norma Guzman